Thursday, November 26, 2009

im back againnnnn

I'm backkk. So much to update on...I'll start by saying


*sigh* So I've been so busy with college applications, I've had no time what so ever to blog...buttt last night I submitted my UC applications (UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSB, UCSD) whoot whoot. Now I have to do all of my privates and out of states.

Well what else is new??...

I cut my hair again in September...a lot shorter this time but I like it =)

Well I really just wanted to blog SOMETHING but at the moment, I'm kind of at a loss for what to blog about. But now that the look and name of my blog have been updated I will be sure to post more often.

Sunny Dae

Sunday, September 20, 2009

most ignorant convo like ever lmao

paperORplasticx3 (1:18:32 AM): Oh, I just came in cuhz my toes were cold out there
sunny d liiite (1:19:04 AM): thats why God made socks and shoes =)
paperORplasticx3 (1:20:50 AM): God didn't make socks or shoes..some other dude did stupid
paperORplasticx3 (1:21:13 AM): Lol, but I prefer not to wear them and I guess that was a sign from God that it was time to come in anywayyyyy
sunny d liiite (1:22:07 AM): but God made Adam and Eve....and through all the sex that came from the generations of ppl through out time...the other dude who invented shoes and socks was invented...but it all goes back to God beitch
sunny d liiite (1:22:31 AM): i prolly shouldn't have used God and "beitch" in the same sentence
paperORplasticx3 (1:24:09 AM): Yeah prob not dumbass-_-
paperORplasticx3 (1:24:32 AM): Smh, and regardless...GOD DID NOT MAKE THE SOCKS AND SHOES.
sunny d liiite (1:27:29 AM): close enoughhhhhh
sunny d liiite (1:27:48 AM): he made it possible to have socks and shoes
sunny d liiite (1:28:10 AM): "just let Go and let God"...make more socks and shoes there is no point in arguing
sunny d liiite (1:28:12 AM): i win.
paperORplasticx3 (1:28:57 AM): Lmao, aha
paperORplasticx3 (1:29:10 AM): Stfu. Your stupidity is annoying me.
paperORplasticx3 (1:29:19 AM): Kidding, but not quite heffffa.
paperORplasticx3 (1:30:12 AM): I won because TECHNIALLY I am right, seeing how God still didn't MAKE shoes and socks..despite his making it possible for there to be shoes & socks
paperORplasticx3 (1:30:22 AM): TECHNICALLY*
sunny d liiite (1:32:55 AM): well ok. you have a point there....but if anything we should be thanking Eve for shoes and socks b/c if she had actually listened to God we would be running around butt ass naked right about now

Auto Response from paperORplasticx3 (1:32:58 AM): GOD made it possible for there to be socks and shoes but GOD did NOT make socks and shoes, stupid

sunny d liiite (1:32:59 AM): then you would really be cold
sunny d liiite (1:33:17 AM): soooo thank you Eve for being hard headed
paperORplasticx3 went away at 1:33:49 AM.
paperORplasticx3 returned at 1:34:00 AM.
paperORplasticx3 (1:34:56 AM): id like that so im not thanking eve..because had she not been hard headed not only would we be running around bareassed() but there would also be no such thing as sinning and everyone would be happy af and the world would be perfect..but no..that darn eve messed it up for alllll of us..I bet the nudists hate her smh.

Auto Response from sunny d liiite (1:34:56 AM):
sunny d liiite (1:22:07 AM): but God made Adam and Eve....and through all the sex that came from the generations of ppl through out time...the other dude who invented shoes and socks was invented...but it all goes back to God beitch

paperORplasticx3 went away at 1:35:40 AM.
sunny d liiite (1:36:15 AM): lmfao! you damn tree hugger

Auto Response from paperORplasticx3 (1:36:15 AM): GOD made it possible for there to be socks and shoes but GOD did NOT make socks and shoes, stupid
And I wish we were alll running around bareassed ! That's how god wanted it..he was a hippie too you know

paperORplasticx3 returned at 1:36:22 AM.
sunny d liiite (1:36:29 AM): lmfao at your away!
paperORplasticx3 (1:36:34 AM): Lmao, stfuuuu
paperORplasticx3 (1:36:52 AM): Ahahaha, he was man..jesus too !
paperORplasticx3 (1:36:58 AM): Didju see that hair bro ?
paperORplasticx3 (1:37:09 AM): Anywho...I was righttttt, period !
sunny d liiite (1:37:20 AM): lmfaoooo
sunny d liiite (1:37:21 AM): omg
sunny d liiite (1:37:38 AM): this is the most ignorant conversation i have particpated in
paperORplasticx3 (1:37:40 AM): Lol, what ?
paperORplasticx3 (1:38:05 AM): Lmaoooooooo, welllll..yo fault, thinking you was rightttt psshhhhhh
sunny d liiite (1:38:24 AM): ahahaha
sunny d liiite (1:38:28 AM): i still am right
sunny d liiite (1:38:35 AM): but i say we agree to disagree
paperORplasticx3 (1:39:04 AM): Nahhh hoe, im right and your pride won't allow you to admit it but its alllllll gooood
sunny d liiite (1:40:14 AM): -_-

under construction

so my blog is currently under construction. I plan on giving it a new name and vibe so stay tuned. plus i have lotssss to catch up on =]

check back soon
-Sunny Dae

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

starsrtuck...hood af...lmfao

My grandma is a HOT MESS! LMAO

latest obsessions

-my CRACKBERRY! phone
-butter pecan ice cream
-the wendy williams show
-tiny and toya
-terell owens...his bod =)


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

want it.

I want this leotard....really bad.


Babydollz is a jerk group. Their songs are really catchy, and I'm happy that even though they are girls and they are making "jerk" music they aren't presenting themselves or their music like hoes....cough cough "vixens"...enough said.
anyway check them out and support their songs. =]


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Best I Ever Had...

There has been so much controversy facing the "Best I Ever Had" music video, and I finally got a chance to see it for myself. The concept of the video is that Drake is a woman's basketball coach...his team is at the championship game...and they lose =/. BUT to Drake his team is still "the best he ever had". I don't see what is so difficult about understanding that....but apparently a lot of people don't get it. Then a lot of people are offended by the I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit shocked and slightly uncomfortable myself, when I saw the video. The girls on Drake's "basketball" team, are all braless, and their titties are bouncing all over the screen. Now i wasn't offended and i'm not gonna get all feminist because people have to realize that these women are grown they are getting paid and they obviously enjoy what they are doing. so if they aren't "offended" there is no reason for anyone else to be. Drake is a new artist and this is his first official video, so people need to get off his back. If anyone else had a video like that there would be NO problem. Plenty have people have had videos with stripper poles, and ppl wearing thongs....because Drake is a new artist people just have to find something to critique. Then there are the people who don't understand the video and are getting mad about that. open up your minds for a second the concept really isn't difficult to understand. They are the artisit and as such we need to just sit back and let them release their creativity, stop having bitch fits simply because their message goes over your head.

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Friday, July 3, 2009


My report card came today. I got in A in everything...but math. I got a B =/. I really worked my ass off to raise that grade to an A, i want to cry right now =/ seriously. i wanted to end junior year with a straight A report card....but sigh I guess it wasnt meant to be. I'm really upset right now =[


D&G aviators + ipod blastin + sun shining + wind blowing in my hair = SUMMER '09

so far my summer has been great!
-i had a pool party
-i went to EDC (electronic daisy carnival...rave)
-i kicked it w/ my cousin, my whoadieee, and Bri
-went to six flags
-melrose =]
-now im in washington state for the rest of july and trinidad and tobago for all of august.

we shall see how the rest of this summer goes =]